Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Wednesday Already?

How can it be Wednesday.  I swear that yesterday was the weekend.  Time gets the best of me.  Other than the fact that my football teams didn't win, it was a great weekend.  We cooked, we enjoyed good food, we watched some really good games.  Hey, we even managed to get a school project completed with James.

This is what pays the bills.  I work for an equipment company.  They call me a Product Support Rep, that's a fancy name for 'I sell the company and make sure the customers are happy'.  Sometimes it's a great job, other times it is the most stressful place to be.

Our kitchen on the other hand, is my de-stressser.  Saturday morning I decided that we would cook a bunch of tailgate food then we could enjoy the games more.  So we turned the music up loud, laughed a lot and made a ton food.  Here's a look.

This started out as a pizza.  I didn't flour the counter enough though and the dough stuck.  Solution...Flip over the torn dough and make a calzone.  it is stuffed with italian sausage, mushroom and onions.  The dough is made with 1 1/2 cups of warm water, 2 packages of yeast, 2 Tablespoons of sugar, 1/3 cup olive oil and 4 cups of flour.  Just bloom the yeast in the water, whisk in the sugar and oil then ad the flour.  Let it rise for an hour and you are ready.  That amount makes two pizzas.  Or a calzone and a base for James' school project.  More on that later.

I remember my Mom doing this with leftover biscuits.  She would put butter, cinnamon and sugar on a halved biscuit and put them back in the oven.  They would get hard on the outside and soft on the inside and I loved them.  I did the same thing but used flour tortillas instead.  And notice the game day activity of color sugar for the teams I was backing.  Let see, green for the Eagles, yea right, they are gone.  Blue for the Colts, Peyton and the boys let me down.  Yellow for the Saints.  Who would have ever guessed they would be out after the first round.  And purple (well, purple-ish) for the Ravens.  At least that defense pulled them through.

These little goodies were delish.. Cream Cheese, a slice of jalapeno and chicken all wrapped in bacon.  I put them in oven to cook the chicken, then broiled to get the bacon crisp.  Ree at the Pioneer Woman (don't you love her recipes?) had this posted.  I usually do this with shrimp but went with what we had.

I've rambled enough and now must run to see customers.  I think today is going to be one of the good days at work except that the wind chill is 22 degrees in Houston.  Yikes!

Live, Laugh, Love,
Karen and Charlie

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