Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Tale of Two Breakfast Sandwiches

Growing up we were always told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.  As an adult, I truly believe it.  If I skip breakfast, I feel sluggish all day and actually tend to make poor eating choices during the day.  On the days when I do eat something in the morning, I eat a lighter lunch and seem to have more energy.

Charlie has never been a breakfast eater.  As a goal for this year and to hopefully reduce his blood sugar, I am trying to get him to eat earlier and spread more food out during the day.  This week when I packed his lunch, I packed less lunch type food and gave him something from breakfast and a snack.

Since I always try to pack something he can eat in a hurry, you may think that some of the lunches are the best choices but he likes to have something hot and something he can eat within a few minutes if work is demanding.

These were the lunches hot dogs with kraut, chicken quesadilla, chili, hot dogs with relish and onion and a chicken sandwich.  While the snacks were simple but filled with protein.  I gave him cheese with summer sausage, celery and peanut butter, turkey wrapped around pieces of swiss cheese, apples with peanut butter and a piece of bread with bacon and tomato.  I know I should have taken pictures but my mind is going so fast in the mornings that I can rarely get things together enough to snap a picture of snacks.

Back to breakfast though, I always rely on these two standby for breakfast along with oatmeal and a quick peanut butter sandwich.  One I love and it is one of James' favorites is a take on a Breakfast Jack (from Jack in the Box).  It's quick and simple.  A bun, lunch meat ham, cheese and a fried egg.  You have to burst the yolk when you fry the egg or it will drip everywhere.  I add onions to Charlie's since he loves onions.  And I always smear a little mayonnaise on them.  They are quick, easy and full of flavor.

My other go to sandwich isn't really a sandwich it's a taco.  No meat on this one but it is still full of flavor.  Scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, onions, tomatoes, and a few bell pepper pieces on a flour tortilla.  Once again, quick, easy and all thing that you probably have in your kitchen.

It's the tale of two breakfast sandwiches.  What's your go to breakfast that completely satisfies you and makes a great start for your day?

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