About Us

We are a couple of people in the prime of our lives, living everyday just like everyone else.  We both work regular jobs, although the hours are normal.  Which means that when we are home, we relax, enjoy our family and friends and cook.

Cooking is relaxation and a stress reducer with the benefit of enjoying an awesome dinner.  Don't get me wrong, we both enjoy the fast food stuff too but if we can produce a meal out of a cookbook that makes us both say 'we're doing this one again', it puts a smile on our faces.

Other than cooking, blogging, working and Charlie playing golf, our time is spent with our kids (we have 3) and our extended family (mainly 3 great-nephews and 1 great-niece).  I'm using the little ones as stand ins until we have grandchildren.  And last but not least, we are proud companions to two of the greatest puppy dogs ever.

We live, We laugh and We love.  So we have the best things in life!

Welcome to our Kitchen.  You never know what we might cook up.

Karen and  Charlie