Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kitchen Tips

We are always looking for little helps or short cuts in the kitchen, aren't you?  Whatever makes like easier or things that stick in the back of your mind until you need them.

Like this.  I am always either cutting or burning myself.  I'm dependable in that way.  So I was intrigued when I read on this list of kitchen tips at that you should use mustard on a burn.  I will definitely have to remember that.

It also mentions that a celery stalk will freshen up bread that has started to go stale.  I've never heard of that one before.

The list was posted in 2008 but as with all useful information, it is still good today.

Take a look at their site and here's my top ten from their list.

1.  Use mustard on the affected area of a burn.

2.  Place a celery stalk in the bag with bread that has started to go stale.

3.  Rubbing a stainless steel spoon on your hands will absorb odors, like onions or garlic.

4.   Don't chop chili peppers without rubbing a little vegetable oil into your hands. Your skin won’t absorb the spicy chili oil.

5.  Ants in your kitchen? Find out where they are coming in and cover the hole with petroleum jelly. If they are coming under a door, draw a line on the floor with chalk.

6.  Use an apple in your bag of potatoes to keep them from budding.

7.  After boiling pasta or potatoes, cool the water and use it to water your house plants. The water contains nutrients that your plants will love.  I never in a million years would have thought of this.  I am kind of afraid that it might bring gnats but hey, I'll try anything once.

8.   When defrosting meat from the freezer, pour some vinegar over it. Not only does it tenderize the meat; it will also bring down the freezing temperature of the meat and cause it to thaw quicker.  This is one that I will have to try before believing.  And does it leave a vinegar taste???

9.  Nick your finger while cutting veggies?  Let the bleeding stop and paint on a layer of clear nail polish. It will keep juices out of the wound and won’t fall off into the spaghetti sauce like a bandage.  Love this...and am going to try it next time.

10.  A cotton ball soaked in white vinegar and applied to a fresh bruise will reduce the darkness of the bruise and help it disappear sooner.  Do you get the impression that I am clumsy?

I hope you find something on this list that you didn't already know and can use too.

Live, Laugh, Love,

Karen and Charlie

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