Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taco Night

When the kids were young we had taco night weekly.  They loved it and it was so quick and easy that I loved it too.  But I also loved going to a local restaurant and having an India de Pollo.  It was so good and they don't have them on the menu anymore.  Can you see my sad face?  So whenever taco night rolls around, I make this variation for me.

I've tried to recreate Ninfa's India de Pollo and somehow it never seems to be the same.  Can the memory be better than the actual dish?  Maybe so since I asked if I could order it and being a customer oriented restaurant they said yes.  And that one was missing something too.

Even though the kids are older now, they still like taco night.  And I continue trying to get that taste right on the India.

The difference between and taco and an india is the tortilla.  An india is a flour tortilla lightly fried.  A taco is either a flour tortilla or a crispy corn tortilla.

I made ground beef with taco seasoning and also grilled chicken with a little of the same seasoning.  See what I mean about easy.  And I use canned refried beans.  So now you get to build it any way you want it.

The india has a flat tortilla and has to be eaten with a knife and fork.  And the only thing I didn't have was an avocado.

It was pretty darn good but I'm going to keep trying until it's perfection.  I'll let you know.

Karen and Charlie


  1. Those Tacos look awesome, makes me hungry just looking at them.

    1. Thanks so much Beatriz. I know you would love them, quick, easy and delicious!