Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Too Much Faith in People

Don't you hate it when someone tries to put one over on you?  I am so angry right now and unfortunately, I am one of those people that avoids confrontation.  But this time, I just might have to get past it.

I am trying to do something nice for my daughter in law and have a baby blanket made out of part of her wedding dress.  Not being a seamstress myself, I have to rely on others.  And when I get the blanket back today....it's not the same fabric as the wedding dress.

What do I do now?  Continue the lie and take a chance on disappointing the little mommy who will be bringing home a baby in two weeks or so?  I'm not sure I have time or money to try to get another one made.

I know I need to confront the person that did the sewing and embroidery but I am just too angry and I tend to just spout off a bunch of words in no right order at that point.  Then I cry.

Thanks for listening.

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