Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicken Scarpiello

Charlie and I watch Food Network shows all the time.  It's a hobby or an addiction.  I'm not sure which but it works for us.  One of our favorite's is 'Secrets of a Restaurant Chef'.  We love Anne Burrell. She loves brown food.  Brown food tastes good.  She says it and we believe it.

One of the must try recipes that Anne did on the show was Chicken Scarpiello and immediately we knew we had to try it. You can get the recipe at but here's the run down.

Fennel Sausage (we used breakfast sausage and added fennel seeds)
Chicken Thighs
Onion and Garlic
White Wine (we used apple cider vinegar)
Hot cherry peppers ( we used hot chili peppers)
Chicken Stock

I read through the reviews before we started cooking since we didn't have any wine and got the suggestion of the apple cider vinegar.  I wish I had gotten a different pepper when I couldn't find the hot cherry peppers.  The chili peppers were extremely hot but did give a good flavor to the chicken.

It's simple to put together -

Brown the sausage.
Brown the chicken.
Cook onions until tender then add the garlic.
Add the sausage and chicken back to the pan.
Put in the rest of the ingredients and partially cover.
And walk away.
Let it work its beautiful magic.

We served it with rice.  Wonderful!!!

Live, Laugh, Love

Karen and Charlie

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  1. This looks so good I like brown food too, more flavor that I like. My daughter and I usually joke about it when I make "brown" food and we say it like Anne does :) I have used some of her tips (turned out really good) when I made braised short ribs. We also laugh about how many times she says "SO" you wouldn't be walking straight if you turned into a drinking game! ;D