Monday, December 6, 2010

Martha Mondays - Thumbprint Cookies

Thanks so much to Pru for picking Thumbprint Cookies as this week's Martha Monday project.  You can read how her cookies came out at Perfecting Pru or at Martha and Me

I chose to use the recipe that was in the December issue of Living.  I was very simple.  And of course, I went with the chocolate.  The recipe on the website and the one in the magazine are different.  The dough in  'Living' can be used for many different types of cookies and this is one variation. 

On a funny note:  Charlie was being Charlie and bought me a present.  A new paddle attachment for my mixer that scrapes the edges of the bowl while it mixes.  It's so cool and I really wanted one.  As soon as he gave it to me I tossed the old paddle.  Guess what.  The new paddle is for a 4.5-5 quart mixer and mine is a 6 quart.  The blade didn't come close to touching the sides or the bottom.  So I guess I get to go exchange it.  But isn't he sweet for at least thinking of it?

And that being said, I got to use my handy-dandy hand mixer on this one.  They are very simple to make but you can't be in a hurry.  Refrigeration is a very important step.  It is a basic cookie recipe.  Cream butter and sugar.  Mix flour, cocoa and salt.  Add egg and vanilla to the creamed butter, then mix in flour.

Roll into balls, make indentation with your thumb and refrigerate.  After a short baking time, redo the indentation with the end of a wooden spoon and complete baking.
 When they are completely cooled, make a ganache and spoon into thumbprints.  The ganache will set up and you will have this:
The cookies by themselves are not too sweet.  Charlie said they definitely need the filling.  He wasn't thrilled with them but said they were ok.  And the proof of that is he only ate 3 of them.  The rest will go to the office with me today.

Thanks again Pru for picking this one.  I needed to jump start my holiday baking and this got me going!

Live, Laugh, Love


  1. Mmmm...your chocolate thumbprint cookies look great! I have to make mine yet, I can't wait!

  2. #1 I want that paddle attachment! I've seen it and it's cool!
    #2 Love the cookies with the chocolate! I'll have to try the version from the Dec issue!

  3. Yum! Chocolate ones? These look great. I am still waiting for the December issue but as soon as it arrives I will have to bake these. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Ohhh I can see so much fun in those cookies. I will try this with my son :)

  5. I was thinking chocolate would go well in the middle of the ones I made but I liked that I could make them festive with just the colored icing. Maybe sprinkles? I wish I could have tasted yours!

  6. These look great to me! I'm not one for overly sweet, so I think these are right up my alley. The ganache in the middle is fantastic.
    I saw those new paddles...they look great. Hope you get the right size soon.

  7. Karen - I think you will love the cookies. And I'm still in search of the paddle. Seems like no one stocks that size so I'll have to order off the internet.

    Sassy - The ganache was the best part of the cookie in my opinion. But then again, I can eat that stuff with a spoon. Yum.

    Tes - Your son will love rolling the dough into balls and then smashing them down. Boys like that kind of thing.