Saturday, December 4, 2010

Logan's Roadhouse - Restaurant Review

This was my first time visiting a Logan's Roadhouse.  I expected the steak to be the high point but it wasn't.   The restaurant is nice and the staff was helpful.

I placed the to go order at the bar and watched Sports Center as I waited.  It's a relaxed place so I didn't feel strange sitting at a bar by myself at 2:00 in the afternoon even if I wasn't drinking.

Order #1 - Strip Steak - you get two sides.  I chose a baked potato and salad with ranch dressing.
Order #2 - Shrimp and Ribs - also two sides.  For this one I went with fries and mac and cheese.  (yeah, I know, lot's of starch but I couldn't decide and have been craving some good mac and cheese.

I requested the steak to be cooked on the rare side of medium rare and it was more to medium.  The baked potato came wrapped in foil with the toppings in separate containers.  By the way, cheese and bacon cost an extra buck.  There was no salad in the bag.  Charlie's's ok.
On the upside, the ribs were tender and tasty.  The shrimp and fries were the usual and nothing special.  The mac and cheese cured my craving for a while.  I like mine thrown under the broiler and given some crust on the top but this was creamy and good.

You also get bread with your order.  It was soft and flavorful.  And eaten before I could snap a picture.

Our Thoughts:
Would we go back?  Maybe if we were in the area and had time to eat in the restaurant. 
Would we make a special trip?  No
Was there anything that left me wanting more?  Not really
The upside - the ribs
The downside - no salad and overcooked steak

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