Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Bread

Over the last few days I've been searching for pumpkin bread or muffin recipes to put me in the spirit of the holidays.  Work has been so stressful and as much as I love this time of year, it's been difficult to start cooking and baking like I usually do.  After going through my old standards, I went to Foodbuzz and right there in my saved recipes was this one from The Gourmand Mom for Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Bread.   Lucky me. Lucky, lucky me.  I had everything I needed and I went for it.

Visit her site for the entire recipe but let me tell you about it.  From start to finish, 15 minutes at the most.  Everything goes in one bowl, mix, pour in pan and your done.  Do you remember the commercial where the woman throws flour everywhere to make it look like she was doing alot of cooking?  I can't even remember the product but that's what this is like.  An hour later when you take it out of the oven you won't be able to wait to cut into it.  Believe me, the smell is overpowering.  It grabs you and won't let go until you slice a piece and see how moist it is.

This bread has everything you could want.  It's bread which is my favorite food group.  And chocolate chunks, which is also my favorite good group and pumpkin.  Ok, pumpkin is just my seasonal favorite, hopefully it won't feel slighted.  The pumpkin and chocolate go together so wonderfully, complimenting each other divinely.  I would have never thought it.

And wouldn't you know it, just as I was enjoying the first piece, my son and his girlfriend show up.  The knew immediately something good was happening and followed their noses  into the kitchen.  I told them it wasn't any good, trying to keep them from eating any but they didn't go for it.  As it turns out, about half of the loaf was gone before Charlie got home. 

Hey, you snooze, ya lose around here.  He knows that you've got to be fast when there are sweets around here.

Thanks Amy @ The Gourmand Mom for the great recipe.  I think it will become a seasonal favorite.

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