Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite Weekend

I love this weekend.  The Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It's the time when I take a good look at my Christmas list.  Make cookie dough to freeze for baking during the crazy rush.  Finalize the Thanksgiving menu.  Fight the crowds in the grocery stores.

It's the best of times.  Filled with anticipation and fuzzy feelings.  Filled with the gratitude of the Thanksgiving season and knowing that next is the glorious wonder of Christmas.

Spending lots of time in the kitchen.  Baking sweet treats to give as gifts.  I'm so happy I can't even come up with complete sentences.

I love this weekend.  I'm off to scratch a few things off of my list.  How about you?  Is this just another weekend for you or is it the start of something special?

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