Saturday, February 4, 2012

Top Ten List & Taco Phyllo Cups

1. I love these little phyllo cups.

2. I love it when people come by just to hi.

3.  I love it when we can spend some time with good friends that we haven't seen for awhile.

4.  I love it when I have everything I need to throw together a quick snack.

5.  I love it when things taste as good as they look.

6.  I love it when my floors are swept and mopped.

7.  I love it when the dogs realize that the people at the door are friends so they quit barking.

8.  I love it when the ending of the movie makes sense and I don't have to say 'that couldn't really happen'.

9.  I love it when I actually stay awake until the end of the movie.

10.  I love it when the friends bring wine.

Taco Phyllo Bites

1 lb ground beef
1 tsp taco seasoning 
1 pkg mini phyllo cups
cheddar cheese
chopped tomatoes

Bake phyllo cups according to package.  Brown ground beef and add taco seasoning.

Fill cups with meat and top with cheese.  
Put in oven to melt cheese.
Top with other ingredients.
Enjoy with good friends.

Have a great day!

Karen and Charlie

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