Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Weekend

I love it when I have so much planned and get nothing done because that means I scrapped it all to do something fun or maybe nothing at all.

This is how it all started.  Date night on Friday night.  We went to see Secretariat and let me tell you, it is a great movie.  You have got to see it in the theater though.  He was larger than life anyway but to see those great big strides, it was just incredible.  And a touching story to go along with it.  Dinner was at the movie theater.  It's one of those with a restaurant and bar within the movies.  I had fried stuff - mushrooms, onion rings and chicken.  Nothing to write home about.  Charlie had a steak sandwich.  He says that this sandwich is one of the best.  Must be because he scarfed in down before I could snap a picture.

Me:  Were you that hungry?

Him:  No, It's just that good!

I also had a Gummy Bear Martini.  I can't tell you what was in it but it came in a sugar rimmed glass and tasted really good and cold.  Yum!

So you see, it started out good and productive.  Saturday we had stuff to do, Little Guy Football, grocery shopping, Halloween costume to make, house cleaning and on and on and on.  I can at least say, we went to the football game and to the grocery store.  That was about it.

I made Chili, which is another post entirely.  That stuff is good.  The Myers family came over to watch the Phillies game and I was done.

Sunday....complete laziness because football takes over and oh yeah, the Texans won.  Imagine That!

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  1. This is a weekend I experience quite often! I had all these plans this weekend too, and lets just say... they didn't happen. Glad you got some relax time! They don't seem to come too often now a days for many.